Why disinfect your hands?


Poor hand hygiene is the single most prominent cause of cross infection, the transfer of bacteria from one person to another. WHO (World Health Organisation) has declared the 5th of May an international hand-hygiene day, highlighting the importance of hand hygiene.


Handmate provides a clinically tested professional hand disinfection result, no skills required!


HandMate advantages

  • The aesthetic Scandinavian design ensures a quick and user-friendly operation.
  • Dashboard provides simple guidance.
  • Several jets apply a unique spray pattern covering palm, hands and wrists of both hands at the same time.
  • Touch-less hand disinfection sensor operated.
  • Cordless battery charged.
  • Low maintenance with 1 or 2 litre containers and a fire safe collecting unit.
  • Fuel level monitor. Optional alert message transmitter.
  • Dosage of 4 ml disinfection liquid.
  • Easy to mount on walls or stand alone as mobile unit.
  • Hygiene intelligence system – optional user data report application.
  • Infection control product that proven ensure better hand hygiene and clean hands 
  • Standards: We comply with CE, EMC, IEC/UL, Atex.